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Step Eight: Getting Ready to Occupy

At this point you're about to sign a lease!

Know what you need to successfully prepare, move and occupy your new space!


The Right Team Matters


Moving Checklist

You'll want to designate a point person in charge of every aspect of the move. This person can use the following as the base of a moving checklist:

  • Make sure to keep employees informed of the move and its timeline.
  • Delegate individual responsibilities.
  • Figure out technical needs for the new space. Don't just sign up with the building ISP.
  • Determine furniture/desk/design needs for the new office.
  • Select a commercial moving company to facilitate the process.
  • Order new letterhead/materials with business information.


Things to Get Ready

Now that you're about to sign the new lease, you'll need to prepare a few things:

  • Determine what you will do with your current lease. Sell, keep, or sublease?
  • Get your security deposit for the new space ready.
  • Get prepared for your buildout if you've negotiated this right in your lease.


Check Your Lease One Last Time

Signing a lease is a big deal. Make sure to check it thoroughly.

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"Tenavox connected me with an insurance professional, attorney and even a group that installed and connected our phones and internet. It saved us a ton of headaches and not having to sift through who is a commercial service provider and who is not was (and is) invaluable."
— Joe H. 
Tenant, Austin, TX


You'll want to make sure that you have someone specifically in charge of the move. That person should use the following as the base of a moving checklist:


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