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Step Four: Ready To Tour

Tour it like you mean it.  Narrow down the best choices and know the right questions to ask before stepping foot in a building.

How to Tour


Touring Checklist

You're ready to book a few tours, but you'll want to make sure that these tours are effective and efficient. 

Make sure to ask these questions to EVERY potential leasing agent and Landlord on your tour.


Know How to Assess Property


You've narrowed your search from thousands down to 10-15 that you want to tour. The checklist will help you in the decision making process, but here are a few extra things to consider.

  • The demographic of your employees. Are most students who live in the city? Or do most live in suburbs? You'll need to poll your employees.
  • What will traffic (car or foot) be like during your morning and evening commutes? Free traffic data is available at your local department of transportation or economic board or chamber of commerce.
  • What would it take to move our business to this location? Some locations may be a more natural fit with your business than others. 
  • What are the costs, timing, and responsibilities of buildouts or changes? Get two to three quotes before negotiating anything and make sure to follow the buildout checklist.



Book Tours

 You already have the buildings selected, let's get those tours booked.

"Knowing the right terms and processes of signing a lease lends MASSIVE credibility to any potential inquiry you make on a commercial building.  Having this information before you step foot in a building is a big advantage when working with commercial leasing agents.”
— Sean D. (Leasing Agent, Houston, TX)


Find the industry professionals you need and rest assured that we've already vetted them for you. For example, find a commercial real estate broker.

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