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Step Nine: Executing a Commercial Lease

Congratulations! If you're at this point you have learned about everything from sizing your space right, negotiating LOI's, building out space and even who to hire to occupy your new space successfully.


Time to Sign a Lease


Last Approval

By now, you've negotiated everything you wanted and are happy with the business terms. Now make sure that your attorney and the landlord's team approve of the lease.



Do These Last Things

 All parties have approved the lease, but before you sign it, make sure you've prepared these:

  • Records of your financials
  • Business plan documents
  • Personal guarantee
  • References 
  • Credit check documents


Sign Your Lease and Prepare to Occupy


You've done all the work, followed all the steps, now sign your lease! Make sure to save your own copy. How about leaving a review of your lease experience on Tenavox as well?

After lease signing, you are usually handed over to the property manager to help coordinate your move, installation of any tech and more. Schedule a meeting with him or her the same day you sign a lease and have them lay out the insurance requirements for your installers, moving timing, coordinating schedules and more.

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"I've signed five leases in my life and none of them felt as good as the one I worked on with Tenavox. Their team connected me with literally everyone I needed to make a good lease, I'm eternally grateful."
— Donald G. 
Attorney and Tenant, Houston, TX


Find the industry professionals you need and rest assured that we've already vetted them for you. For example, find a contractor.

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