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Step One: Why Size Matters

Getting the right square footage of your lease is FAR more important than worrying about the rental rate at step one.

Size Matters


Why Space is King


If you overpay by a dollar or two per square foot per year, odds are you won't break the bank. However, if you lease an unnecessary 500-1,000 square feet, the bill will be astronomically higher over the course of the lease.  

Our comprehensive article walks you through the reasons we recommend starting start with size.


How to Save $172,000 on Rent 

A tenant we worked with recently had done a lot of research on his new office space. He "needed" 5,000 square feet and his budget was $18,000 a month, nothing more. The buildings and areas he selected were in line with those parameters. But when we asked him how he came up with the "need" for 5,000 square feet, he said, "It's what I think we can afford." 

This tenant had estimated EVERYTHING according to the budget and location, but he had not considered the human element in the actual physical office space. We had him fill out our space estimator tool, and we found that he only needed 4,200 square feet, 800 square feet less than he thought. From his original calculations, we saved this tenant $172,000 over the life of the five-year lease just by first focusing on the necessary size of the space.


Space Estimator Tool

Now it's your turn! Use our space estimator tool and figure out how much space you really need in your new office.

Make your own copy and then share it with your co-workers and partners to have a working document on the right space needs for your business.

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“Size impacts your budget WAY more than rental rate. The difference between spending on extra 500 Square Feet (SF) for five years and spending an extra $1 on Per Square Foot (PSF) Rate is night and day.”
— Tenavox Team


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