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Step Six: Use a Commercial Lease Attorney

Neither you (nor a broker) can negotiate a lease yourself. Hire an attorney who understands leases (not your cousin, not a general one, a COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE attorney!).

Hire a CRE Attorney


Why Hire a Commercial Real Estate Attorney?

If you are considering a lease, have a negotiated LOI and an understanding of costs/timing/rent and more, then you may get a lease document. Leases (unlike a letter of intent) are binding contracts. Do not sign them lightly and without a FULL understanding of the lease responsibilities for both parties.

Don't mess around. Your lease is a multi-year commitment that is usually a huge part of your monthly operating budget costing thousands and thousands of dollars. An experienced commercial real estate attorney will ensure key provisions like timing, default, responsibilities and more are all fairly outlined so you know exactly what's expected of you as a tenant, and the obligations of your landlord.


Is it a Good Fit?

These are questions to make sure you have the right commercial real estate attorney:

  1. Do you have the experience to represent me and my business? (ask for references and examples)
  2. What is your process to ensuring tenants get a favorable lease? 
  3. Do you have the time and desire to represent me?



Hire a Commercial Real Estate Attorney

We have partner CRE attorneys we could recommend for you.  Start a chat (orange circle on bottom left of this page) with one of our experts so we can connect you.

"I've seen multi-million dollar companies sign leases blindly and not make it through the term. A little investment up front protects you for the major what ifs in a lease term.
These are not just important, they are the most critical thing you'll do as a business leasing space.”
— Amanda T. (Attorney, Houston, TX)


Find the industry professionals you need and rest assured that we've already vetted them for you. For example, find a commercial real estate attorney.

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