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Step Three: Search

It's time to find some real options you can go see! The process can feel overwhelming but we make it easy.

Match with the Best Space


What You Need to Know

You're about to become a tenant, and to get the attention of landlords, brokers, and leasing agents, you'll need to sound credible. It's sad, but true that the job of leasing agents is to find credible tenants. 

Busy? Feel like having someone else handle the process? Get started today.

If you want to engage a great, commercial-focused and experienced real estate broker? We can help. Match with the perfect broker for you using our industry-first VoxLink System or just click the orange chat button in the bottom right of your screen and we'll personally get you connected to the best professional for your needs, fast.

Remember, using a tenant representative costs you nothing!

Still learning? Want to browse on your own? 

Use our ebook and glossary to learn the difference between gross rent and triple net, common area and tenant improvements, as well as tenant representatives and leasing agents and more.

Ready to start seeing spaces? Get started today.


Compare Buildings

Finding an office for your business is a big responsibility—a process that you'll dial in as you see buildings. You can use Tenavox to compare buildings that you're interested in. 

Try to avoid listing sites since most provide you with an advertisement, a “quote,” which isn’t very useful. Instead,  use resources that show you what you should be paying for that building and other tenants feedback on the buildings you’re interested in (like Tenavox). Reading the tenant reviews gives you tons of insight into what it is actually like to lease a building before you ever sign anything.



Match with the Right Space


Now that you know what size you want, how much you can afford, and a few other features, input those into our Match System and let Teanvox do the heavy lifting for you. Match with buildings that are right for your business in seconds.


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"Finding space can be a nightmare. We interviewed over 1,000 Tenants to build Tenavox with one goal:
Make leasing commercial real estate easy.”
— Tenavox Team

What You Will Learn

Why driving around and searching aimlessly is a waste of your time. Don't search, match and connect.


Find the industry professionals you need and rest assured that we've already vetted them for you. For example, find a commercial real estate broker.

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