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Step Two: What You Can Afford

It's time to leverage the knowledge of size to understand the right budget.

What Can I Afford?


Know The Rate

Office, flex, retail, and industrial—The rates for these different spaces varies wildly. Being in a flex project could save you tens of thousands of dollars if you don’t need traditional office space.

VoxRate is our AI-powered estimate of what you should pay—not just a random or half-baked quote from a listing site.  Every building on Tenavox has a VoxRate, which is based on a total (gross) costs per year, so you can make an accurate budget assessment when you search. No More, NNN nonsense, misalignment or wasted time calling buildings outside of your true budget.


Understand Your Budget

Understand your budget for any allowances for work to be done by you or the Landlord. Don’t get caught with your pants down here, there should be three competitive bids and one fully approved as an attachment to the lease.


Rent Calculator

Use our rent calculator to make sure that you understand the effective rent for your business needs. 

Make a copy of our spreadsheet and follow the instructions to fill in the variables to determine your effective rent.

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“The #1 thing tenants ask us is what they should be paying for space. Our exclusive market information, powered by 100+ algorithmic factors, is the VoxRate.
A real-time estimate of what tenants like you are paying for space that you want.”
— Tenavox Team


Find the industry professionals you need and rest assured that we've already vetted them for you. For example, find a commercial real estate broker.

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