The Ten Steps to Signing A Great Commercial Lease

From search to signatures...learn the crucial steps, tools and resources you need to make a fantastic lease decision as a business.

Start Here with Step One: Size Matters

What You Will Learn with Tenavox

The Entire Process of Leasing Commercial Space as Business

Size, Budget, Searching and More

Understand the relationship between the right square footage and how it impacts your budget.  Learn how to find the right spaces that fit your needs, fast.

Get Your Size Right

Negotiate Like a Pro

Feel like skipping ahead?

Get the key terms, tools and resources to negotiate your lease like a seasoned CRE professional from comparing LOI's to build out's and more.

Take the Course

Fill Out Your Teams

Almost ready to sign? Wait!

Learn the who and the why of hiring key professionals to ensure your lease documents are fair, your move is smooth and you have the right insurance, telecom and even furniture to occupy successfully. Day One.

Get Ready to Occupy


Size Matters

Learn why getting your square footage is the first step to signing a great lease.

Get Started


The Right Rent

Leverage key market information and normalize confusing rental rate quotes to compare the right information, the first time. Know your size already? 

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Making Search Fun

Finding the right space can be a nightmare whether you're driving or looking online.

Match with the best spaces for your business in just a few clicks.

Match and Connect
“Tenavox is the only resource built for Tenants, from the ground-up. They don't charge businesses anything and they don't try to sign us up to represent us since they're not brokers. They're truly a great source of information, tools and resources. Nothing makes finding and signing a lease as easy as Tenavox.”
— Joe H. Austin, Texas

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