Things to note when touring a space:

  • Changes: Are any changes necessary to the existing floor plan?
  • Common areas: What is included and what are their usage times? (conference rooms, lobbies, restrooms)
  • Utilities: Who pays for what?
  • Expansion: Are there adjacent spaces for potential expansion opportunities during the lease term?
  • Parking: Is parking reserved? Covered? How many spaces will you be assigned?
  • Building management: Who manages the building? Are they on site?
  • Co-tenancy: Check the directory to ensure there are no conflicts.
  • Issue management: Who handles issues or problems with the space or building?
  • Maintenance: Who is responsible for upkeep and maintenance of major systems?
  • Additional fees: Anything not included in the annual expenses? (marketing fees, etc.)
  • • Signage: Where is it and who can use the panels? Is there a fee?

If you like the space, ask if the landlord is willing to provide you with a complimentary space layout with any changes you may need. It’s also a good idea to ask the leasing representative what their leasing process is like, documentation, timing and financial requirements.
Remember, proper preparation means fewer surprises later in the life of the lease.

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