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Comprehensive marketing for your AND off. Guaranteed Results only with Tenavox.

Qualify Sign Calls

We have to take sign calls, but most of the time callers are looking for basic information and aren't decision makers. We help you get the right calls.

Get All Contact Info

When prospective tenants see your sign and request a tour, they specify size, budget, timing, term requirements, and more all from their mobile device

Track Results

See how many prospective tenants are converting from your signs and get the information you need to make informed decisions.

The Better Way to Qualified Sign Calls

What’s the first thing we do when we get a listing? We put up a sign. However, we've talked to a lot of brokers, and the one thing we hear time and time again is, “I hate sign calls!”

Here we are in 2019 (in the era of Artificial Intelligence) and still one of the best lead generators in our industry is a static sign. Yet, you won’t find a single brokerage shop anywhere that doesn’t rely on sign calls to some degree.

Admit it, you hate sign calls, too!

We have to take them. Afterall, we have an obligation to our clients. And, on rare occasions, they actually do convert. However, here’s the problem. Most callers are just looking for some basic information. They’re tire kickers, or they simply aren’t qualified for the asset they’re interested in. Honestly, the whole process can be a big waste of time.

It’s time for a different approach!

What if I told you that prospective tenants could use a simple text code (e.g., INX to 22700) and get a fully branded property page (with space details) that also allow them to specify size, budget, timing and term requirements all from their mobile device? They can even “request” a tour.

Additionally, you get all that information (including their name, company and cell phone) delivered within seconds to your text and email inboxes.

Wouldn’t you rather save your time for deal making and let us handle the work on prospecting and automatically guiding unqualified prospects to properties that better fit their needs?

Oh, and the best part—it's only $8/month/property and fully guaranteed. That's right, try us risk-free for a year.

See Tour Ready in Action. 

Text INX to 22700 to book a demo.

Tour Ready is 100% Guaranteed

We're not just some "solution" touting clicks and impressions. At Tenavox we're confident we're creating real value. So we're putting our money where our mouth is...If you don't make at least one lease deal through our Tour Ready system that at least pays for your initial costs the next year is 100% free. So the question isn't should you try Tour's can you afford not too?

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Fully-branded pages

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